Ecological Album

Newly created cornfield annual meadow (41kb) Trainees learning botanical identification and gathering wildflower seeds. (33kb) Newly created community wildflower meadow. (39kb) Pond creation (26kb)
Construction of Great Crested Newt breeding ponds. (30kb) Fisheries management work. (38kb) Male Great Crested newt. (74kb) Typical marl pit. (47kb)
Great Crested newt bottle traps in situ. (46kb) Checking bottle traps. (40kb) Checking bottle traps. (51kb) Large number of Great Crested newts in two traps. (37kb)
Great Crested newt. (42kb) Newt belly pattern (33kb) The Great Crested newt mitigation work for the Royal Ordnance Factory required more than 12 kilometres of amphibian drift fencing (29kb) Royal Ordnance Factory site. (34kb)
Sustainable urban drainage system. (42kb) Sand lizards. (45kb) Natterjack toad (46kb) Dune slack used by natterjacks for breeding - Ainsdale National Nature Reserve (31kb)
Dune slack at Ainsdale National Nature Reserve (33kb) Grey Dunes at Ainsdale National Nature Reserve - Sand lizard stronghold. (22kb) Ainsdale National Nature Reserve - Sefton Coast in England. (19kb) Wintering wildfowl in Lancashire (44kb)