1 Natural England - The statutory nature conservation advisor for England to UK Government
Department of the Environment Food and Rural Affairs - DEFRA licences are required for all development work which affects European Protected Species
1 Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management - The professional body for Ecologists in the UK
1 British Herpetological Society - The official BHS site with which Living Ecosystems has close links
UnLtd - UnLtd supports social entrepreneurs - people who have the ideas and the commitment to make a difference in their communities. We do this by providing a complete package of funding and support, to help these individuals start up and run projects that deliver social benefit
1 The Rare Breeds Survival Trust
Wildwood Trust - As a registered charity Wildwood takes part in conservation programmes of many native species, such as the water vole, the hazel dormouse, the sand lizard, konik ponies, water shrew and the European beaver. So you can help save some of the most threatened native animals by supporting Wildwood with your visit.
Sharrocks - Sharrocks have been working closely with the Lancashire Growers since 1949 to get locally procured produce to the end user the day they are picked.
1 Working Woodlands Trust
1 The Mammal Trust
Royal Ordnance Factory Links
bullet2 BAE Systems - The BAE Systems site
bullet2 Buckshaw Village Site - Re-development of BAE Systems Royal Ordnance Factory and creation of the Buckshaw Village development
bullet2 Wikipedia article on the Royal Ordnance Factory Chorley


bullet2 Wikipedia article on Buckshaw Village
bullet2 Article from the New Builder on the revolutionary and award winning Buckshaw Development.
bullet2 Article from Manchester Online on the Buckshaw eco-village.
bullet2 Article on the new United Utilities Hodder Pipeline