Enabling ecology and progress to work hand in hand


Living Ecosystems is an environmental consultancy which understands the commercial sectors responsibilities to assess and minimise the impact of it’s business operations on protected species, the environment and to help prevent pollution.

Obtaining planning permission

We help developers obtain planning consent which complies with wildlife legislation and biodiversity planning policies.  Our ecological survey reports highlight environmental issues at the earliest opportunity, offering a step by step workable solution.

Dealing with protected species in planning

Bottle traps in situDealing with protected species can be a complex process which slows down planning procedures. Using Living Ecosystems takes the stress out of the situation. Because we are experienced and knowledgeable in this field, we ensure you have a quick and satisfactory solution.

Other areas of expertise include the remediation of brown-field land, habitat creation, control of invasive species, such as Japanese knotweed, parks & recreation management, fisheries management, wetland management, eco-tourism and environmental education

Habitat regulations

The ecological consultancy is fully conversant with the strict new licensing regime now attached to the ‘Habitats Regulations’ which will be enforceable from March 2007.These will change the way in which licensing, survey and mitigation for European Protected species (EPS) are carried out.

The changes make forward planning and liaison between developers, planners, ecologists and other professionals essential from the earliest stages in any proposed project.

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